Rock Star

Hello, foodies, lovers & friends. I know I haven’t been super regular about posting of late. It’s the end of the semester, I’ve been out of town (seems like all I do is travel!), and I’m preparing to go on tour with an amazing band. I’ve also been going to the gym semi-regularly (my new year’s resolution had a bit of a delayed start) and obsessing over the Hunger Games audiobooks, so, uh, I haven’t had time to post. It’s hard to focus on cooking when all the muscles you haven’t flexed since high school basketball have gone soft, and you’re listening to young people fighting for their lives in the jungle! Heavy times!

I mentioned the band I’m touring with, Saturday Looks Good To Me, for a specific foodie reason! Tom Pavlich, a very sweet smart fella from NYC, has lately begun featuring musicians with foodie dispositions on his awesome blog ( Since we’re playing in NYC on this tour, he asked our band to contribute something and, as the resident foodie snob, I ended up being the one to whip up a little article and recipe for him. Ever craved Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding?No? Now you can! Read the full recipe and essay here. And, you can check our dates, hear our tunes, and ogle our rockstar figures here.


Neat, huh? Back to studying….oh, and if you’re not already, maybe you should consider following me on Twitter? I post a lot more often there than I do here, and I have no doubt there will be a plethora of silly tour pictures going up over the course of the next month.

And here’s a little music video that SLGTM made before I was playing with them (they’re good, right?):

  1. cammila said:

    FYI: I made a vanilla-chocolate-chip blondie the other day, and this post totally inspired me to make vegan bread pudding out of it last night. Thanks for the bright idea. 😉

  2. hurray! so happy to inspire (since your blog inspires ME on a daily basis!)!

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