My recipes come from everywhere! I try to mix vegetarian, vegan, and sugar-free dishes in with the rich, meaty, midwestern-style dishes I grew up with. Some of these recipes are written by members of my family, many come from cookbooks I love, others come from the interwebs. All are tried, true, and delicious.

A quick note about these recipes: I claim no ownership of them! I learn constantly, from so many different sources (as I think all cooks must), that it’s hard to keep an accurate bibliography. When I can, I will cite my source, but if you stumble across your recipe on here and there’s no credit given, please understand I’m not trying to steal anyone’s work! Learning is a beautiful thing and I know there’s much learning ahead for me, as well. I hope this can be a resource for you on your own journey through the kitchen. Happy Cooking!

Recipe List

Baby’s Banana Bread ☆ a sweet, coconutty, rich staple with tart flecks of dried cherries

Miso-Curry Butternut Squash ☆ savory, vegan, and oh-so-satisfying

Mjaddara with Spiced Yogurt ☆ inspired by my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant back home

Meyer Lemon Tart ☆ a rustic, classic dessert with a unique twist

Ginger Lemon Cream Scones ☆ buttery-rich, inhale-able breakfast treats

Creamy Coconut Squash Soup ☆ thick & hearty with a refreshing flavor profile

Bonito Sesame Noodle Bowl ☆ a different kind of comfort food

Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart ☆ for your valentine, even if that valentine is you

Love From Michigan Granola ☆ fills your house with the smells of home

Two-Alarm Chili & Mexican Pot Beans ☆ separate but equal…ly delicious!

Flash Tofu ☆ made in a flash, enjoyed two ways

Green’s Ratatouille ☆ totally vegetables and totally delicious

Leek Tart ☆ humblest pie

Orange Almond Cake ☆ a classic, with a unique & simple method

Cleanse Recipes Part 1 ☆ three vegan dishes that will seduce even the most hesistant carnivore

Cleanse Recipes Part 2 ☆ a roundup of seven (!) vegan meals that brightened my week

Four Corners Lentil Soup ☆ gingery and hearty

Vegetarian Pho ☆ think you need bone marrow? think again

Bourbon-Mustard Chicken with Chives ☆ rich, creamy sauce over butter-sauteed chicken

Watermelon & Feta Salad ☆ start the summer off right

Honey-Almond Cherry Cake ☆ gluten-free & sweetened only with honey

Strawberry Fig Mascarpone Tart  simple but special

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