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Hello, foodies, lovers & friends. I know I haven’t been super regular about posting of late. It’s the end of the semester, I’ve been out of town (seems like all I do is travel!), and I’m preparing to go on tour with an amazing band. I’ve also been going to the gym semi-regularly (my new year’s resolution had a bit of a delayed start) and obsessing over the Hunger Games audiobooks, so, uh, I haven’t had time to post. It’s hard to focus on cooking when all the muscles you haven’t flexed since high school basketball have gone soft, and you’re listening to young people fighting for their lives in the jungle! Heavy times!

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I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I tend to overthink things. Well, as I’m sure was predicted by many, it took me ages to pick something to begin with on here. My first recipe! On my first food blog! I agonized over this decision. I’m big on tradition and celebrations, as anyone who has met me knows. I’m the girl who makes the same birthday cake every year for birthdays (because it’s the BIRTHDAY cake) and has an unflinching allegiance to the same Thanksgiving menu (cranberry sauce like THIS, not like that). In a world that changes and grows and zips along so merrily, so quickly, I do find it comforting to put stock in traditions. Gigo’s meatballs, Daddy’s scrambled eggs, Nonna’s plum pudding. These are recipes I cherish, brought into my life by people I cherish: and I definitely want to pass on some of my own recipes someday. Because I take all this cooking stuff so seriously, I knew I had to choose something for my FIRST recipe that was cherishable. Something I could look back on and be proud to say was my best work.

What if everyone everywhere hates it?

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