The Best Kind of Morning

I spent my morning wandering the Bryn Mawr farmer’s market, enjoying sweet samples of farm-fresh fruit, lingering over the honey stand and drooling over homemade cheeses and lively green bunches of veggies. It was such a pleasant experience, and got my brain working about what ingredients I already had, what I could make, and what I couldn’t wait to try. I took home way more produce than I have room for in the fridge, but hopefully a few pies and giant salads will help use up the bulk of it! Michigan will be almost cherry-less this year apparently, so I took full advantage of the early cherry harvest here and picked up a quart of bright red, slightly sour fruit that hopefully won’t be too much of a challenge to pit. Then there were tiny new strawberries, a couple jars of raw honey, and over a pound of garlic scapes that I just couldn’t resist. I feel so lucky to be in an area with such a great connection to so many different farms and local growers! Thanks to sweet Lia for such lovely company, too…always nicer to wander with a great conversationalist. Can’t wait to show you what I’m able to make out of my cornucopia of goodies (I welcome your suggestions!)…

  1. Lia said:

    It was such a lovely morning, thank you for the company as well! In the interest of my purchases this morning, I looked up the kale salad recipe I remember loving. It’s a Gourmet recipe from 2007, and I remember making it almost once a week for a month after my first try. . Most people don’t have ricotta salata lying around – a good french feta is a delicious substitute, but I also like it with parmesan or another hard cheese. For the garlic scapes, I’m planning on a garlic scape pizza (something like this: but in the past, I’ve loved scape pesto. . I can’t wait to see what you make! We must do this again sometime before you vanish back to Michigan for good.

  2. I completely second the recommendation for garlic scape pesto. I can’t wait to start getting them from my CSA!

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